Dr. Gernot Willscheid, MD

Dr. Gernot Willscheid, MD

Conservative Sports Orthopedics

Sports Medicine SEMS

Manual Medicine SAMM

Ultrasound of the Musculoskettal System SGUM

Orthopaedics FMH

Specialty and treatment focus

  • Conservative sports orthopedics and trauma surgery
  • Sports Medicine SEMS
  • Manual Medicine SAMM
  • Ultrasound of the Musculoskettal System SGUM
  • Second Opinions
  • Sonography of the musculoskeletal system
    • Diagnostics
    • ultrasound guided infiltrations
  • Movement analysis and sports consultation
    • Running technique
    • Running shoe advice
    • Wheel position analysis in cycling
    • Endurance sports
    • Weight training
  • Rehabilitation / Training structure
    • Advice and planning of training structure after injury and surgery.

Professional career

2017 – 2019

Attending physician in sports medicine Schulthess Klinik, Zurich, Switzerland (Chief Dr. G. Büsser)

2016 – 2017

Attending surgeon for orthopaedics and trauma surgery, Sports clinic Ravensburg; Germany (chiefs Dr. M. Volz, Th. Mattes)

2015 – 2016

Resident in orthopaedics, Orthopaedics Rennbahn clinic, Muttenz, Switzerland

2014 – 2015

Resident in orthopaedics, University Hospital Basel, Switzerland (chief Prof. V. Valderrabano)

2009 – 2014

Resident in orthopaedics and trauma surgery, Osnabrück, Germany (chief Prof. M. Engelhardt)

2008 – 2009

Resident general surgery, Uster Hospital, Switzerland (chief Prof. G. Melcher)

2001 – 2008

Medical studies at the J.W. Goethe University Frankfurt on the Main, Switzerland

2000 – 2001

Coach of the Japanese National Canoe team in Toyama, Japan

1998 – 2000

Apprenticeship as industrial clerk, Philipp Holzmann AG, Frankfurt the Main, Germany


Abitur, Siegburg, Germany

Education and training


Swiss certificate of competence in manual medicine, SAMM


German title of manual medicine, DGMM


Swiss certificate of competence in sports medicine, SGSM Sports Medicine (SGSM)


Swiss certificate of competence in ultrasound of the musculoskeletal system of SGUM


Additional title sports medicine (DGSP)


Movement analysis certification (running- walk and standing analysis, Currex, Hamburg)


Certification wheel position analysis, Currex, Hamburg


German certificate of competence in ultrasound of the musculosketal system, DEGUM


Specialist in orthopaedics and trauma surgery (Hanover, Germany)


GOTS Asia Fellowship South Korea and Japan together with Claudio Rosso


Dissertation Sports injuries


2017 – 2019

Attending physician of the Swiss Volley Talent School

2017 – 2019

Organizer of the medical education and training event sports medicine, Tenerife, Spain

Since 2016

Attending physician U19 men`s national handball team Switzerland

Since 2015

2015 – 2016

Supervising physician of the Northwest Swiss Artistic Gymnastics and Trampoline Centre Liestal

Since 2015

Association physician Swiss Canoeing Federation

Since 2009

Association physician German Canoeing Federation

2001 – 2012

Assistant physician for the Japanese national team


Swiss Society of Sports medicine SGSM

Medical seminar for manual medicine MWE

Society for Orthopedic-Traumatological Sports medicine GOTS

Swiss Medical association for Manual medicine SAMM

Association of Swiss Physicians FMH

Sporting successes

Since 2012

Div. Podium places at (inter-)national canoe marathon races (20km-42km)


German Champion Canoe Marathon – Masters Class (21,5km)


World Championship Canoe Whitewater Racing 3rd Place (Team) & 9th Place (Single)

2001 – 2006

Multiple participation in European Championships and World Cup races

2001 – 2008

Multiple German and Vice-German champion canoe whitewater racing

2002 – 2006

Member of the German national canoe team white water racing

Language skills


Mother tongue


good knowledge of spoken and written language


good knowledge in word

Fellowship participation

Aug. – Sept. 2012

GOTS-DePuy Mitek Asia Fellowship 2012, South Korea and Japan

Studies / Publications


G. Willscheid; Kanu; Das Sportlerknie; Hrsg. M. Engelhardt, C. Grim, St. Nehrer; Thieme


R. Eisele und G. Willscheid; Kanu; Sportverletzungen – Diagnose Management und Begleitverletzungen; Hrsg. Martin Engelhardt; Elsevier Urban und Fischer 3. Auflage


G. Willscheid; Kanu; Die Sportlerschulter; Hrsg. C. Grim, M. Engelhardt; Schattauer, Thieme

Feb. 2013

Effektivität von Kompressionsshirt im Kanusport (Studie mit der deutschen Kanu-Nationalmannschaft)

2004 – 2008

Studie «Verletzungen im leistungsorientierten Kanusport»