Sports Orthopedics

As an athlete you have the highest demands on your musculoskeletal system. In case of injury this cannot be fulfilled anymore. Sports medicine specialists like us help you establishing the right diagnosis, define the appropriate therapy to get you back to your beloved sport. Performance tests provide a basis for setting up an optimal, individualized plan. Our treatment plans are thus closely coordinated with coaches, physiotherapists and other treating physicians.

Manual therapy

Segmental movement disorders can be gently corrected by manual medicine using detonating, mobilizing, activating or manipulating techniques. In this way, surgery can often be avoided. Especially top athletes with asymmetrical movements and imbalances resulting in overuse injuries (e.g. as occurring in tennis, golf, ballet, handball) can be treated this way.

Infiltrations / Injections

We use infiltrations (injections) for the improvement of joint and muscle function or nerve irritations. For the correct placement of the injected liquid, these are carried out in an ultrasound-assisted manner. In this context, autologous blood therapy (ACP or PRP), hyaluronic acid, arnica, procaine and cortisone are used.


Our modern ultrasound devices offer us a fast and cost-effective diagnosis of tendon, ligament and bone injuries (e.g. stress fractures). Thus, not only our top athletes benefit from a fast diagnosis and shorter rehabilitation time, but also our shoulder and elbow patients benefit from a gentle and low-radiation examination technique.