The shoulder is the most mobile joint of the body and is subjected to correspondingly high stress forces.
As a result, it is thus exposed to an increased risk of injury and wear, respectively.

Due to the complexity of shoulder and elbow injuries, specialization in this field is essential for patients.
This is the only way to ensure optimal care.

Arthroscopic surgery

We operate about 90% of injured shoulders by means of ARTHRO-scopy. We use this so-called keyhole technique for suturing ruptured tendons, the so-called rotator cuff. Various arthroscopic techniques are used to stabilize instable shoulders caused by shoulder dislocations or by multidirectional shoulder instability (MDI).
Acromioclavicular joint instabilities (ACJ instabilities) are also stabilized in an arthroscopically-assisted manner.

We also offer the following arthroscopic procedures:

  • Removal of calcifications
  • Bicepstenodesis for biceps tendon inflammations and ruptures including SLAP lesions
  • Tendon transfers in case of irrepairable rotator cuff injuries
  • All kinds of revision surgeries around the shoulder: rotator cuff retear, recurrent shoulder instabilities, painful shoulder replacement

Open operations

Even nowadays there are shoulder injuries and shoulder diseases that require open surgery: These are:

  • Sometimes also an open stabilization operation is necessary. As “teaching center” we offer the so-called Latarjet surgery as well as other open or arthroscopic bone block techniques.
  • – Shoulder joint replacement (shoulder prosthesis). We were one of the first centers in Switzerland to offer stemless shoulder replacement (shoulder prostheses). The advantage lies in bone-preserving surgery making revision operations and periprosthetic fractures much easier to treat. In this area, we are as well a reference “teaching center”.
  • Revision of a shoulder joint replacement due to pain or instability
  • Traumatology for bone fractures

Second opinion

We offer a large and evidence-based (supported by research) range of conservative therapies: taping or infiltration therapies with autologous blood (platelet-rich plasma (PRP), autologous conditioned plasma (ACP)), hyaluronic acid or cortisone. Close cooperations with various physiotherapy centers enables us to offer you a therapy that is individualized and continous. Together with you, we determine the optimal steps towards healthy shoulders and elbows, not too much and not too little.
To achieve the best possible result, the right dose is essential!

Conservative therapy

Prof. Claudio Rosso, MD, is a recognized international expert on injuries and diseases of the shoulder and elbow. He is also a recognized court and insurance expert.
We offer second opinions to review the treatment strategy and surgical indication. Further treatment usually takes place at your trusted orthopedist’s office.

We will determine the right steps toward your healthy shoulder, not too much and not too little.
The dose influences the effect, even in surgery.