The importance of the elbow is often underestimated. The elbow allows the hand to move in space and lets the hand move to the head for food intake. Rotational movements take place in the forearm.

The elbow joint consists of 3 joint parts that are connected to each other. These must work together for optional function. If this relationship is damaged by an accident or wear and tear, significant limitations to quality of life occur.

Arthroscopic surgery

Elbow arthroscopy is a relatively recent development in surgery when compared to shoulder or even knee arthroscopy. Prof. Rosso, MD, is an international instructor for these kind of operations. This excellent technique is often used for joint stiffness, to remove articular loose bodies or to treat cartilage damage or even to treat elbow joint instabilities. This is also an established technique for tennis elbow (epicondylopathia humeri radialis).

Open operations

Open elbow surgery is a complex operation due to the multiple surrounding structures such as nerves, arteries and veins. In case of elbow dislocations or instabilities, we stabilize elbows either by primary repair or by reconstructive surgery, respectively. Ulnar collateral ligament reconstruction is often necessary in throwing athletes (tennis, baseball, handball) and was named by the first-ever operated patient Tommy John as the “Tommy John” surgery.
Releasing pinched nerves is as much part of our repertoire as surgery for tennis or golfer’s elbow. Radial head prostheses are implanted in case of arthrosis or fracture. In case of bone fractures of the elbow, we fix them by using modern surgical techniques. In olecranon fractures, for instance, sutures instead of metal plates can be used.

Second opinion

Prof. Claudio Rosso, MD, is a recognized international expert on injuries and diseases of the shoulder and elbow. He is also a recognized court and insurance expert. We offer second opinions to review the treatment strategy and surgical indication. Further treatment usually takes place at your trusted orthopedist’s office.

Conservative therapy

We offer a large and evidence-based (supported by research) range of conservative therapies: taping or infiltration therapies with autologous blood (platelet-rich plasma (PRP), autologous conditioned plasma (ACP)), hyaluronic acid or cortisone. Close cooperations with various physiotherapy centers enables us to offer you a therapy that is individualized and continous. Together with you, we determine the optimal steps towards healthy shoulders and elbows, not too much and not too little.
To achieve the best possible result, the right dose is essential!

If there is no clear indication for surgical treatment of the elbow injury, a detailed examination is performed under manual-medical and sports-medical aspects to create an individual treatment plan.